A group of 20 experts from the EIP-Focus Group on soil salinization visited the Terres de l’Ebre in order to know in situ the problems of salinization of soils and rice production under these conditions.

Carles Ibáñez, a researcher in IRTA, summarized the problems of the Delta del Ebro ue to the effects of subsidence and the lack of sediments, which make it increasingly evident the regression it suffers, as well as the increasing salinization of its rice fields.

Mar Català, from IRTA, explained the objectives and results that are being obtained within the Neurice project in order to achieve varieties of rice adapted to the salinity conditions and the advances in the fight against the apple snail.

The Focus Group ended their stay in the Ebro Delta visiting two rice production sites. The first one, to see in situ the production of rice in a field in salinity conditions and, in the second, how to plant it in dry serves as a method of control of the apple snail.

Each Focus Group explores practical and innovative solutions for problems or opportunities in the field and takes advantage of the experience derived from useful related projects. Each EIP-AGRI focal group meets twice and prepares a report of recommendations and results.

The EIP-AGRI focal groups also discuss and document the results of the research, good practices and identify the implications for other research activities that help solve practical problems in the sector. They can be related to production, processing, consumption, transportation or other issues.

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