Organic rice is a production that, in the Ebro Delta area, is still quite testimonial but has a demand that grows year after year. It is a fact that the demand does not cover the productions since the cooperatives of the zone must import ecological rice in order to supply the demand of the consumers.

On April 2, a meeting on organic rice was held at the IRTA Experimental Station in Amposta (Tarragona, Spain), where representatives of the main cooperatives in the area, Irrigation Communities, ADVs  and representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Generalitat de Catalunya, were attended, with the clear objective of promoting organic rice production.

This Meeting involved the main rice cultivation-related entities in Ebro Delta. The development of the dry-seeding to fight apple snail in Ebro Delta could be a key for the successful organic rice production. The experiences and data generated from the Neurice partner, IRTA, will aid farmers to further promote organic rice production.