On Monday 9th July, took place in Milan (Italy), the discussion of Viviana Cavallaro’s thesis: Sviluppo di varietà commerciali italiane resistenti allo stress salino e a Pomacea Insularum attraverso introgressione del Locus Saltol in Oryza Sativa, varietà onice e vialone nano. Cavallaro was a student of the University of Milan, master degree in “Biotecnologie Vegetali, Alimentari e Agro-Ambientali” and her thesis was supported by  CREA-CI of Vercelli,  CREA-GB of Fiorenzuola d’Arda and The University of Milan (UNIMI).

The presentation included a brief introduction about the Neurice project and the results  related to the WP2, in particular about the selection of BC3_F2 rice varieties (Onice and Vialone Nano) introgressing Saltol locus in homozygous. The event is relevant for the dissemination because the audience includes scientific and general people that could be interested in rice problems.