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Workshop on Studies on Apple Snail Control

The Workshop on Studies on Apple Snail Control took place in Amposta on February 1, and was organised by Catalonia Agriculture Department. The workshop proved that there is a need to achieve salinity tolerant rice varieties as the only way to maintain rice crop in saline conditions, especially after rice fields are flooded with sea water.

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First Neurice meeting of 2018

On February 2 took place in Amposta (Spain) the first Neurice meeting of 2018. The partners involved were Mar Català (IRTA, Amposta), Xavier Serrat (UB, Barcelona), Salvador Nogués (P1, UB) and Camilo Lopez (P1, UB). Català and Serrat were the organisers of the meeting. 22 people attended, 50% of them were part of the cientific community, 25% […]

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XIV Rice Workshop at Deltebre (Spain)

On February 13 took place the XIV Rice Workshop at Deltebre (Spain). IRTA researcher Mar Català organised the event, attended by 250 people. 25% of the attendees to the event were part of the scientific community; 60% were part of the industry; and 15% were policy makers and authorities. During the workshop, researchers presented their […]

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Follow-up meeting of Work Packages 3 and 4

The Centre for Research in Agricultural Genomics (CRAG) has organised a follow-up meeting of Work Packages 3 and 4. The partners involved in the meeting were CRAG, UB, CIRAD, CREA, UMIL, UGLA, IRTA, CAMARA, IRIS, CFR, SIS and Concha Domingo (Member of the Advisory Board). 26 people attended to the revision of the current status in activities in […]

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Workshop: Innovation in the supply chain: Creating value together

On 6th-7th Februrary, Neurice coordinator, Salvador Nogués attended the EIP-AGRI Workshop “Innovation in the supply chain: Creating value together”, in Lyon, France. The EIP-AGRI network is hosting a two-day workshop for Operational Groups, focused on exploring successes, challenges and future collaboration through innovation in the supply chain, in cooperation with the French National Rural Network, […]

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