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Apple Snail Meeting in Ebro Delta

On 2nd February 2018 IRTA and UB organized a conference to discuss the Apple Snail situation in Ebro Delta rice fields and the techniques to fight it. The meeting took place in IRTA premises in Amposta. There where 21 atendees including researchers from UB and IRTA, technicians  from farming companies, and deputies from the Catalan Government. The […]

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IV Encuentro de Investigadores/as de la Red de Investigadores Chilenos en España (RedINCHE)

On 20th October, Barcelona held the IV Encuentro de Investigadores/as de la Red de Investigadores Chilenos en España (RedINCHE), entiteled: “Chile diverse scenario, the scientific potential of our natural and sociocultural wealth”. This activity brought together more than 80 specialists, including professors, researchers and postgraduate students. On October 19th the MSc. Camilo López-Cristoffanini gave a talk at […]

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Achievements on the First Year of the Project

During the first year of the project, different Spanish, French and Italian elite rice strains have been crossed with asiatic salt-tolerant lines. Hundred strains of seeds selected for their tolerance to salinity will be evaluated this winter in hydroponic tests. The most successful will be tested in saline and non-saline fields during the 2018 and […]

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Midterm meeting at Ebro’s Delta (Spain)

On 6th, 7th and 8th June, IRTA and La Camara (Neurice’s partners) hosted the first midterm meeting of the project Neurice. In the morning, working sessions held discussions on each work package, and in the afternoon, there were visits to the fields and to IRTA’s and Camara’s premises. The project was also presented to some […]

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Open field day: dry seeding of rice at Ebro’s Delta

On 25th may IRTA’s field station at Ebro’s Delta held an open field day to present the latest knowledge on dry seeding. Among other topics, IRTA researchers explained the results of the assays of fertilisation and rice varieties to producers, technicians and administration deputies. The event included a brief presentation of the Neurice project and […]

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