In the NEURICE project it is planned to assess the New EUropean salt tolerant RICE lines in two consecutive years (2018 and 2019). Thus, the newly breeded salt-tolerant rice lines generated in the project have been already tested under salinized and non-salinized field conditions for first time in Spain, Italy and France.
In total, seven field trials were set up for the evaluation of Saltol lines of NEURICE project in the 2018 rice growing season in France, Italy and Spain, one in non-salinized field and one in salinized field for each country (see locations in Figure 1).

It should be emphasized that the preliminary results show that most of the Saltol lines have proved to be more productive in salinity conditions and often also in conditions of non-salinity in comparison to local varieties. We are hopeful in the NEURICE project with these previous results obtained and we hope they will be confirmed in the subsequent tests that we will carry out during this campaign.