In this WP, we intend to establish a comprehensive view of determinants contributing to salt tolerance in BC3F3 introgressed rice lines produced in WP2, as well as in the japonica rice cultivars/RILs accessions selected in WP1. Salt tolerance will be evaluated in hydroponic systems under controlled greenhouse conditions (Task 3.1). Complementary approaches will be then used to investigate key mechanisms that control salinity tolerance in selected rice lines at the molecular, cellular and whole plant levels (Tasks 3.2 to 3.4). To discover potential new salt tolerance determinants, expression profiling of the most promising introgressed lines will be used (Task 3.4). Finally, the information gained in these studies will be the basis for the identification of biomarkers for salt tolerance in rice (Task 3.5).


  • Task 3.1. Phenotypic selection for salt tolerance of selected introgressed rice lines
  • Task 3.2. Physiological and biochemical characterization of salt-tolerant lines
  • Task 3.3. Membrane integrity, composition and function
  • Task 3.4. Transcript profiling of salt tolerant rice lines
  • Task 3.5. Integration of data of physiological, biochemical and molecular markers of salinity tolerance of the introgressed rice lines