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Work in progress at SIS, CREA and UMIL

On July 2016, UB researchers Xavier Serrat and Salvador Nogués visited the premises of the Italian partners. SIS researchers Giacomo Gavina and Stefano Ravaglia and CREA phD student Gabriele Orasen showed them the fields in the Po Delta, in Vercelli, where the salinized field assays for WP4 take place. Also in Vercelli, the group visited […]

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Rice breeding at University of Barcelona (Video)

In Asia there are some tropical varieties of rice which are highly tolerant to salinity but which cannot be grown in the Mediterranean climate and are not commercially viable. It has recently been discovered that the salinity tolerance of these tropical Asian varieties is due to the presence of a chromosome segment called Saltol. Traditional, […]

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Protocols to implement the assays are ready

Field assays of the advanced breeding lines will be performed in different locations of the rice producing regions. Seven protocols have been designed in order to ensure the successful replication of the essays. Each protocol is related to a work package: WP 2: Salt tolerance introgression Fertilization for rice cultivation in greenhouse conditions Embryo rescue […]

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Conference about the Apple snail (Pomace asp.) problems and techniques carried out to fight it.

On May 11th 2016 the Society of Biologist of Barcelona organized the conference “Apple Snail (Pomace asp.). Problems and Techniques carried out to fight it”. It aimed to disseminate the problems generated by the Apple snail in Delta del Ebro and discuss the techniques carried out in order to fight it. Neurice IP, Xavier Serrat […]

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NEURICE Kick Off Meeting was held on 28th-29 th April at University of Barcelona

The kick-off meeting of the NEURICE project was celebrated on 28th and 29th April 2016 at the University of Barcelona. It was headed by the coordination team of the University of Barcelona and attended by 37 partners from Spain, France, Italy, UK, Argentina and China. During the working sessions the IP for each work package exposed […]

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