On 6th-7th Februrary, Neurice coordinator, Salvador Nogués attended the EIP-AGRI Workshop “Innovation in the supply chain: Creating value together”, in Lyon, France.

The EIP-AGRI network is hosting a two-day workshop for Operational Groups, focused on exploring successes, challenges and future collaboration through innovation in the supply chain, in cooperation with the French National Rural Network, led by the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food, General Commission for Territorial Equality.

Around 300 Operational Group projects have now started working on innovation in European agriculture and forestry. More than 70 projects are dealing with questions on new supply chains and commercialisation.

By bringing these groups together the workshop aims to promote cross-border knowledge exchange, networking and ongoing cooperation between Operational Groups, and between Operational Groups and relevant research activity.

More information: https://ec.europa.eu/eip/agriculture/en/event/eip-agri-workshop-innovation-supply-chain-creating